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For those who are interested (because I know that so many of you find the nonsense on my blog absolutely riveting) I inquired as to Bob and Molly's feelings about the French/Phil Collins. As I said at the end of my last blog, I was nervous because I knew Bob had taken French in grad school.

So, it turns out that both Molly and Bob took some French in school, but that they both ultimately seem pretty indifferent about the French in the larger scheme of things. Phew! Bullet dodged.

But then...

Molly went on to tell me that Bob thinks that Phil Collins's first album is "brilliantly dark"! This means that he has not only heard an entire Phil Collins album (normal people only know his singles), but knows it intimately enough to call it "brilliant." Phil Collins? Brilliant?

Then there's Molly, who said that she is "often filled with rage and confusion about Phil Collins." My first thought was that I had finally found someone who didn't like the French or Phil Collins but then it hit me - rage and confusion... about Phil Collins? She then went on to tell me that she and Bob have actually had fights about his talent and get into arguments when he comes on the radio about whether or not to change the station. As I said in my first entry, the beauty of the Phil Collinses of the world is that they don't inspire much feeling either way, they make driving while listening to the radio safe. What are we to do if people are hurtling down the highway at seventy miles an hour while FIGHTING over Phil Collins?! Molly might not be a fan of Mr. Collins, but her passionate feelings (of rage and confusion? really?) don't fall in line with the indifference that is supposed to be his gift to this world.

From now on, I'm walking everywhere I go.

So, the final breakdown is as follows:

Friends that feel passionately about Phil Collins - Liz, Katie, Misti, Bob, Molly
Friends that feel passionately about the French - Kendra, Cory, Stacie, Virginia, Kristin

Seriously, what is wrong with me?!

As a side note, after reading my blog, Kendra later informed me that the French love Phil Collins. I'm not quite sure how this fits into what Molly accurately described as my "life crisis," but it must mean something (beyond just being further proof that the French are a silly people. They're afraid of Skeletor* but love Phil Collins - hence they deserve my mockery).

*Apparently when they showed episodes of He-Man in France, they could only show the episodes that didn't include Skeletor because the censors were afraid that his skull face would frighten French children. That's right, Skeletor is too intense for France.
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